Guidance on how to complain about Fundbricks ApS

If there are matters at Fundbricks ApS that you find unsatisfactory, or you consider that Fundbricks ApS has made mistakes, you are invited to contact us either by. telephone +45 70230101 on all weekdays between 08:00 and 17:00 or by e-mail: hello@fundbricks.com

you are not satisfied with the handling of your inquiry to Customer Service or you wish to complain, you have the option to write to Fundbricks ApS legal complaints officer by e-mail; tss@fundbricks.com

ApS confirms receipt of complaints in writing by e-mail within three business days. The processing of complaints sent to the Complaints Officer will, as far as possible, start immediately after Fundbricks ApS has confirmed receipt. Fundbricks ApS aims to complete the processing of complaints within four weeks and to send Fundbricks ApS a position on the complaint within this period.

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